5M, USB3.0 Active Extension Cable, Aluminum Case


This 5M USB3.0 A Male to A Female high-speed extension cable can help extend your USB connection to your PC, printer, camera, keyboard etc. The durable and gold-plated connectors are ideally for optimal signal clarity and minimize interference.You can now enjoy SuperSpeed USB3.0 data transfer rate up to 5Gbps with Y-3004.This cable can as well keep your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for better performance.



-       Downward compatible.

-       LED indicator light turns on when power is connected.

-       Gold-plated connectors enable stable data transfer.

-       No driver needed, hot swappable.



Product Dimension

57 x 33 x 15 (mm)


1 x USB3.0 A (Male)


1 x USB3.0 A (Female)

DC Dimension

3.5 x 1.35 (mm)

5M, USB3.0 Active Extension Cable, Aluminum Case