0.8M, USB2.0 to RS422/RS485 Converter


Y-1082 module is a cost-effective way to convert RS422 / RS485 Industrial buses to a USB interface. When connected to a PC USB Port, the Y-1082 module is automatically detected and installed as a native COM port, which is compatible with any existing serial communication application. Multiple modules can be installed when using USB hubs thus allowing a hassle-free configuration of a multi-serial system without any IRQ or DMA configuration. 600W-overloading protection between the USB port and RS422 / RS485 protects the PC from Skype or any possible misconnections in the communication bus.


-              With a DB-9 port, the Y-1082 is able to fit for both RS422 and RS485 devices.

-              The Y-1082 has a 384 byte receive buffer with an adjustable timeout and a 128 byte transmit buffer with auto transmit control, to provide multi-point or multi-drop function.

-              The Y-1082 makes it easier to add RS422 / RS485 devices to your system with easy plug and play.

-              Computer Interface: USB1.1 & 2.0 Plug & Play

-              Operational system virtual serial port driver

-              Support Windows XP/2000/CE/Vista/ WIN 7 8 8.1 10(32/64 bit), Mac OS 10.x or higher version.

Package Details:

-   1 x USB2.0 to RS422 / RS485 Converter

-   1 x Driver CD 

0.8M, USB2.0 to RS422/RS485 Converter