USB Type C to External Stereo Sound Aluminum Converter


The Tech-Top Y-248  USB External Stereo Sound Aluminum Converter includes a stereo headphone output jack and a mono microphone input jack. It can bypass the defective sound card or the faulty 3.5mm audio port of your laptop/desktop system and regain the audio function for you. Meanwhile, lots of laptops or Ultrabooks only combine headphone and microphone into one 3.5mm audio jack. With this sound converter, your traditional headset could still be used on your laptops. Simply Plug & play and start enjoying the simplicity and premium sound that Tech-Top Y-248 brings to you. 


   -   Enable USB connectivity with your existing 3.5 mm audio headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone

   -   Perfect to bypass a faulty sound card, audio port, or as a replacement for a broken USB audio adapter

   -   Leave connected to a USB hub or dock to avoid unplugging

   -   No drivers necessary. Fully plug and play. Compatible with any standard USB Audio Class enabled system  including Windows XP through 10, Linux, Mac OS X and Google Chromebook

   -   Converter is lightweight, extremely compact, and constructed of durable aluminum in a silver finish

USB Type C to External Stereo Sound Aluminum Converter