42W, USB 3-Port Car Charger (2-Port 2.4A + 1-Port QC3.0)


Y-P530C is a handy car charger, high power output of 2.4A enables you to charge high power devices such as tablet, iPad etc. Also, this product equipped with the latest charging technology – Quick Charge 3.0. Quick Charge 3.0 is a comprehensive suite of battery management technology that let certain Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ based devices charging, which charge up 38% faster than Quick Charge 2.0, lessening that persistent battery anxiety so you can spend less time in charging. Now you may, after starting your car engine in the morning, charge your devices with Y-P530C, enjoy your favorite music on your way to office. When reaching your office, the fully charged smartphone / tablet is ready to open up your good day!


-      With aluminum enclosure, it’s stylish, elegant and durable.

-      USB multi-port car charger enables you to charge cell phone and tablet while driving.

-      With 12-24V power input, supports up to 5V2.4A power output.

-      With a QC3.0* (Quick Charger) port, which can adjust the voltage intelligently. 200mV increment as a gear supports 3.6V to 12V output to maximize the charging efficiency.

-      Power output of QC3.0: 3.6V - 5V / 2A, 5.2V- 9V / 2A, 9.2V - 12 /1.5A.

-      QC3.0 can intelligently identify the device whether support QC3.0 charging, if not, it will automatically support 5V charging, and compatible with QC2.0.

-      Protection against overcharge, short circuit and overheat.

-      Total power output up to 42W.

-      With a QC3.0 working status LED indicator: green light for quick charging; blue light for normal charging.


* QC3.0 is applicable for certain Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ based devices only. *

42W, USB 3-Port Car Charger (2-Port 2.4A + 1-Port QC3.0)